Frequently Asked Questions

What is First Tee?

First Tee is an international youth development organization that introduces the game of golf and its inherent values to children and teens. There are over 150 First Tee Chapters in seven different countries.

What is First Tee’s Purpose?

First Tee exists to enable children to build the strength of character that empowers them over a lifetime of new challenges, through the game of golf.

How does First Tee build character through golf?

First Tee sees golf as a metaphor for life – a game with unexpected challenges and ups and downs that help build strengths beyond the technical skills to play the game. Through introspective questions, interactive games, and immersive golf exercises, each lesson is designed to help children build a better understanding of themselves and empower them to strengthen the parts of them that they take to everything they do. Research proves it works.

What are the core focus areas First Tee is helping children to develop?

The program focuses on helping children develop their character, resilience, self-confidence, and inner strength. Throughout the program, First Tee uses golf to empower this growth while enabling children to learn and play the game.

How does First Tee help to make golf more diverse and accessible?

First Tee participants in the United States are 52% non-Caucasian and 36% female. A priority of Golf Canada and the PGA of Canada is to utilize First Tee programming as part of a strategy to make golf more diverse and inclusive.

A specific goal of First Tee – Ontario is to increase the accessibility of golf programming for traditionally underrepresented communities. In addition, First Tee — Ontario will ensure children are never turned away from picking up the sport of golf due to cost.