Frequently Asked Questions

What is a First Tee program location?

A First Tee “program location” is defined as a green grass golf facility (9- or 18-hole course, driving range or other golf complex) located in the chapter’s program service area that has agreed with the chapter to provide access for the delivery of the First Tee lessons to participants.

A First Tee ‘school’ is defined as an education centre offering the First Tee School Program (including equipment) within their PHE curriculum.

What is the value of being a First Tee – Ontario program location?

First Tee is globally recognized as a leader in youth development. As a First Tee – Ontario program location, facilities can leverage First Tee’s world-class brand recognition to drive youth registration in camps, clinics, and facility programs. First Tee’s state of the art curriculum developed by youth experts paired with robust and thorough training for coaches will elevate the existing youth program at facilities. First Tee – Ontario program locations benefit through a supportive relationship with the chapter, who will provide marketing and promotional support to drive participation at their facility.

How does my facility become a First Tee – Ontario program location?

To become a First Tee program location, the PGA of Canada coaches at your facility are required to complete First Tee training.

First Tee – Ontario program locations must also provide free access to their driving range for First Tee participants before and after their lessons. Additionally, access to the facility for one First Tee – Ontario fundraising event annually will be required, with more detailed information available on this in the near future. A nominal location fee will commence in the second year of a facility becoming a First Tee – Ontario program location.

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